Beyond the Garage

Information Gateway (IG) began as a small garage operation in 2000 amidst the nascent
Philippine mobile industry.

While others took tentative measured steps, IG bet BIG on branded content.

In strategic partnership with the telcos, IG introduced the industry to "Movie & Music Marketing."
The art of leveraging showcase properties to create larger-than-life marketing spectacles
that drive telco acquisition, loyalty and usage. The IG playbook is now the definitive guide
for Licensors and Competitors alike (both here and abroad) on how best to hype
and monetize branded content.

IG is now the GO-TO content provider for all branded content. Bar-none, IG has created the largest
(and most loyal) mobile communities for Music, Movie, TV, Cartoons and Anime.

IG has moved beyond the garage and become the Thought Leader of the "Text Capital of the World."

Beyond SMS

Information Gateway has dominated the 1st generation of mobile.
Where foreign entrants have struggled, IG has flourished in creatively providing a "rich" media experience within the confines of legacy b/w handsets.

IG has extended its leadership into the MMS generation.
We are the dominant provider of Polytone and MP3 content.

As 3G comes to fore, IG is now beta-testing new mobile offerings to cater to an increasingly
sophisticated audience.
Beyond the technology, we understand that it is still all about one thing: Entertainment.